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The image above shows how professionally dispensed, at-home bleaching can whiten your teeth.  The upper teeth have been bleached using a professionally dispensed bleaching gel in a custom made bleaching tray.  The lower teeth have yet to be bleached.


Below are some other demonstrations of what professionally dispensed at home bleaching can do.  In each case, one set of teeth (upper or lower) was bleached and the other teeth were not bleached.  Two weeks before the picture both the upper and lower teeth were the same colour. After this picture was taken, the rest of the teeth were bleached to match the new, whiter colour. At home bleaching is fairly inexpensive and quite permanent. In order to maintain the new, whiter color,  a couple of touch-up applications each year can be done. Additional bleaching gel costs about $30 for 3-4 more applications.

The bleaching process initially takes 10-14 (at home) applications, which usually involve wearing a very thin, custom made tray which holds the gel against the teeth. The tray is lightly filled with a specially formulated bleaching gel. Whiter teeth will be seen within 3-4 sessions and the process is complete after 10-14 sessions. The cost for the at home bleaching at our office using a custom tray and bleaching gel is usually about $290. Unlike "whitening" toothpastes or other treatments that only remove minimal surface stain, this process actually changes the intrinsic (or internal) color of your teeth. With maintenance, the new color is permanent.

The only comparable treatment is laser tooth whitening. The advantages of the laser are that it is faster - usually one or two treatments (in a dental office) and it is "high tech". However the at-home bleaching gel in a dentist-made custom tray gives results that are as good or better than laser whitening at a much lower cost than using a laser. (Dental lasers can cost up to $50 000). Also the at home system tends to be more stable and touch ups are easier to do. So if you can wait  two weeks for whiter teeth then at-home bleaching with a custom tray is probably your best option. If you are in a rush, you might prefer laser bleaching.


These examples were done for demonstration purposes.  Most people will choose to bleach the upper and lower teeth at the same time.



Lower teeth bleached



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