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Dr. Sean Kelly




Dr. Sean Kelly graduated from U.B.C. in 1995 and joined Dr. Murphy in July 1995.   Dr. Murphy retired in 2006 and Dr. Kelly took over the office.  

Dr. Kelly grew up in B.C.'s lower mainland and has lived in Coquitlam since 1997.

Dr. Kelly offers all general dentistry services, but has a particular interest in Invisalign which uses a series of clear orthodontic aligners to straighten and align a patient's teeth.  He has also recently taken an interest in dental implants which includes single dental implants to replace a single missing tooth and mini-implants to help stabilize a removable denture.


Dr. Kelly wrote a dental book titled:  Cuddles The Cat Goes To The Dentist.

A Dental Guide for Parents and Children.

The book has a section which answers parents most common dental questions.

The first part of the book is an illustrated children's story about Cuddles the cat and her friend Bob.

The book will be available at Our  Office as well as Amazon and Chapters:




Cuddles is a really great cat.    There is no one that argues that.    Her fur is soft.  Her eyes are bright.  And boy oh boy, her teeth are white.

She brushes them all twice a day.  She does just what the dentists say.  She doesn't eat too many sweets.  Even if they are her favourite treats.

She sees her dentist twice a year.  In summer and when winter's here.  Her teeth, she cleans them very well.  Then she knows her breath won't smell.

Cuddles friend, his name is Bob.  He doesn't do that great a job.  He eats cakes and candies and snacks like these.  Instead of choosing vegetables or cheese.

And often he forgets to brush.  Or if he does, he's in a rush.  He drinks a lot of juice and pop.  And says he never wants to stop.

But Bob has started thinking twice.  About his dentist's good advice.  Because Bob had his teeth counted today.  And the dentist had some things to say.

The dentist thought Bob's breath was bad.  And that made Bob rather sad.  Bob's teeth had started turning brown.  And that made Bob begin to frown.

But the news got worse even still.  Sugarbugs had made a hole for the dentist to fil.  Bob was brave and got it done.  He was sure glad there was only one.

After the dentist had finished the job.  He had a prize and toothbrush for Bob.  Bob's breath is fresh, and his teeth are white.  He won't forget to brush tonight.

Bob now knows what he's going to do.  Keep his teeth clean like Cuddles.  And you should too.

And they all chewed happily ever after.


Click here to visit the website for Dr.Kelly's book : Cuddles the Cat Goes to the Dentist



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